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“Absentee Owners should be an integral part of any real estate investing business. I regularly do deals from absentee owner leads and if you're not already mailing absentee owners you need to be!”

...Ryan Kirk, Los Angeles, CA

“These leads are awesome! I invest in multiple markets and LOVE that I can access all the absentee owners across the entire nation with this incredible tool! The software is super easy to use, web-based and extremely affordable. Thanks, Cam”

...Todd Snipes, Oklahoma City, OK

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A Motivated Seller Lead Platform Built By Real Estate Investors, For Real Estate Investors!

Easy to Use

The simple, easy to use interface allows you to instantly tap into millions of absentee owners located across the country.

Automated Marketing

Contact your leads instantly with our built-in mail manager software. Print proven, high-converting postcards, letters and yellow letters to to start contacting sellers with a click of a button.

Customizable Searching

With the ability to create custom searches and fine tune filters, you'll have an abundance of opportunity right at your fingertips.

Get Unlimited Access To Over 28 Million Absentee Owner Leads Across The Nation!

  • Over 28 million nationwide absentee owners of single-family homes, condos, modular/mobile homes and multi-family properties!
  • Advanced customizable search filters that allow you to laser target your desired leads or spread a wide net if you desire!
  • Built in Mail Manager System & Proven Marketing Templates that allow you to start contacting these leads immediately!

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Not All Data Is Created Equal.

It's true. Having access to the freshest real estate lead data is important... but it's not just the data that matters. It's how you process that data that makes ALL the difference.

We've been providing real estate data to the industry for over 9 years and as one of the pioneering data providers in the real estate investing industry, we've learned thousands of lessons and we're constantly pushing the envelope of data science. All of which means you consistently stay ahead of your competition.


All The Tools You Need To Succeed With Absentee Owners


Frequently Asked Questions…

How is this data "free"... what's the catch?

Because we're so heavily involved with real estate investor lead data, we've been able to put together a version of the Absentee Owner Data Feed and offer it to you at no cost. There is a paid version available with a few advanced features (like automated marketing, street view pictures, etc).

You get nationwide access to deals and we get the opportunity for you to experience our services and support at no cost.

It's a win-win scenario.

Will I be able to download leads?

Yes, although you can do everything you need without downloading, you'll be able to download up to 1000 leads per 30 day period.

Are these properties listed on the MLS?

These properties are "pre-MLS" leads. The key motivational factor of these properties is that they are absentee owners and the MLS status is unknown.

How often is the information updated?

The data is scrubbed regularly and updated weekly!

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